For over 30 years a point of reference for language training in public schools, local companies, professionals and Italian and foreign universities. Our native speaker teachers have trained over 15,000 students over the years, in the city of Palermo alone.

Tradition and continuous innovation come together in the search for the best training and educational paths.

Edutainment 5.0

ORA is the educational hub that encompasses all the experience of the British Institutes of Palermo, Trinity college, Cambridge English, Instituto Cervantes, Istituto Dante Alighieri, in a new perspective: experience-oriented language training!

Edutainment 5.0


Our young and international team shares a passion for teaching and a vision oriented towards continuous evolution and renewal. Experience, professionalism, transparency at the service of our Italian, English, French and Spanish students.

The site

5.0 classrooms with Smartboard, Laptop and Webcam, Free WIFI on optical fiber for our students.

Co-Learning spaces and 40-seat Auditorium as well as our ORA Cafè, because learning a language while sipping tea or chocolate is TOP.

We have redesigned our headquarters in via aquileia 7/D to make it functional and welcoming for anyone who wants to experience it day after day, both face to face and from all over the world, and sooner than you think, even in the Metaverse. We are not just a school, but a multifunctional pole of culture, training and experiences, without barriers or borders: Smart, Technological and Eco-Friendly!

La sede

We give the right space to training

Over 600 square meters entirely renovated with a view to living experience and co-learning where our guests express their potential and aspire to excellence: our place is not for everyone!