A new experience!

ORA revolutionizes the concept of learning according to the modern principle of Edutainment, projecting students into a new educational reality made up of experiences, sharing and socialising.

Our experience is enriched with cutting-edge tools and methodologies, creating fun and stimulating educational paths, connecting the individual training contents in a dense network of knowledge, understanding and experience, ORA!

The Method

ORA enhances the principle of Edutainment, (concept of interaction) through stimuli and experiential comparisons with role-play activities that encourage you to experience the lessons in an active and engaging way: no longer mere spectators but an integral part of the training moment. You are the protagonist!

Language Courses

Our Qualified International Teachers will guide you in personalized and flexible paths by responding with dedication to your needs according to shared objectives.


Choosing the right course is the first step towards success. Our language consultants will be able to guide you through our vast training offer where each path has been designed to meet the most varied profiles.

Corsi di lingua
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